Operational Research Institute

Operational Research Institute (ORI) is a non-profit organization operating since 2021 with the primary objective of empowering evidence-based decision-making in the country through robust research and analysis.

What is Operational Research?

Operational Research (OR) is a discipline that applies advanced analytical methods to help make better decisions and solve complex problems in a variety of organisations and industries. It uses mathematical modelling, statistical analysis, optimisation techniques and computer simulation to understand and improve the operation of systems.

The primary objective of operational research is to optimise processes and resource allocation to maximise efficiency, minimise costs and improve overall performance. It involves the analysis and optimisation of a wide range of systems, including energy, manufacturing processes, supply chains, transportation networks, logistics operations, healthcare systems, financial systems and more.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote a culture of informed policy-making by providing reliable, cutting-edge research and strategic advice to policymakers and organisations. By harnessing the power of operational research (OR) and using OR tools such as data analysis, optimisation modelling and decision analysis, we aim to drive positive change. By working with stakeholders and disseminating our findings, ORI aims to equip individuals and institutions with the knowledge and tools they need to tackle complex challenges that will lead to a prosperous and equitable society.

What We Do

Capabilities of ORI are to conduct multiple quantitative modelling and policy advisory exercises, such as:

 Conducting data analysis using statistical models such as generalized regression models (using open-source package R).

Creating simulation models for private and public sector applications (using simul8 software).

Building optimization models such as mixed integer linear programming (MILP) and quadratic programming models (using open-source solvers such as GLPK, HiGHS and coin-or, as well as commercial packages such as Gurobi, FICO Xpress and IBM CPLEX).

Conducting in-depth Regulatory Impact Assessments (RIA) with strong quantitative analysis components.

Building cost-benefit analysis models using standard economic approaches with strong OR components.


Operational Research Institute