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Market Research for Alternative Solid Fuels

The current fuelwood consumption in Georgia exceeds the sustainable supply level several times. Over 80% of rural households currently use wood for energy purposes. It is, therefore, not only necessary to reduce fuelwood demand by consuming less, by heating less or using more efficient woodburning stoves, but also to explore alternatives. In this context, ECO.Georgia project aims to create an Energy Efficient Alternative Fuel (EE- AF) market that will reach a critical share and self-sustaining level of growth.

The objective of the assignment is to assess the constraints and the possibilities of the alternative fuel market development in Georgia and to propose recommendations to support market development based on the analysis.

Category:Manufacturing and Trade


Meet the Team Behind the Project
Aleksandra Shalibashvili
Aleksandra Shalibashvili
Head of Analytics
Levan Pavlenishvili
Levan Pavlenishvili
Founder and Executive Director